Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring has sprung

Ah, spring!

The time of year when the front (and back) lawn have bodies of water where there should be none.

The pollens have thine nose a tickling and the snot a dripping.

Alas, let’s not forget about the threat of a massive F5 twister bearing down on one’s house, the danger greater the closer ye live to a mobile home community (commonly referred to around these parts as a trailer park).

You can walk outside, on certain days, and actually work up a sweat. Other days, you can freeze your tush.

Lately, the days have gotten a might warm and the nights a tad chilly (just the way I like it, I shall add!) But I might also add it would be nice if the old AC was working.

The ticks are a biting and the mosquitoes are a swarming. A turtle can be seen squished in the road and just yesterday, a snake was seen in Hall Pond (the real and actual one!), no doubt wishing one Craig would approach closer so he could inject venom into my system.

Outside, I hear the birds a chirping. The wind chime is doing that dingalinga thing that sounds so nice during the day, but can be quite bothersome when the certain person mentioned in the prior paragraph is trying to catch a few Z’s.

I have mowed the front part of the lawn twice so far. The back yard has resisted the lawn mower, thanks to soggy conditions brought on by the wettest spring in memory. But those backyard weeds best be ready, they shall be chopped down to size at the first opportune moment.

We have been lucky. No golf ball-sized hail has thunked our gourds and automobiles, like the kind residents of Fort Smith have endured. Also, we have had some high winds but Mother Nature has steered the serious stuff around our community, just the way she should.

The hang gliders seemed to enjoy the weather as four of them could be seen circling around Poteau Mountain yesterday (look, a photograph to the left to illustrate!). I admire their guts, but I must say that if man were meant to fly, they would be in an airplane. More on airplanes in the coming days, just be warned, it isn’t a story about the Friendly Skies.

Our dogs are a panting, throwing water substances here and there. The flowers are blooming and the first signs of the Bermuda (as in grass, not the islands) are appearing. Don’t forget the fire ants! They have emerged from their winter hibernation, if ants do hibernate, and are ready to swarm any person unlucky enough to step on one of their giant mounds. Bonus points if the person is barefoot or wearing flip flops.

The HHS reunion is on the horizon, coming up in July. Vacations will be here too soon, at least for those of us who have worked in their present location long enough to get one. The students and retirees have it extra nice, not that I am ready to change places with either one.

After all, have you tried to figure out phonics or the medicare system?

Enough for this sitting. The weed whacker is calling my name. Rumor has it there are weeds in the front yard, just waiting to be cut and throw off pollen and other allergy-causing items.

But it is spring, and I for one, am glad.


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