Monday, May 19, 2008

Day at the diamond(s)

My Saturday was spent at the diamond. Or at the (little league) ball park(s) in Malokoff, TX.

It was fun watching my grandsons play ball – Brandon on one field and Garrett on another. We strategically placed our chairs where we could see both games.

It was the best of worlds to me, not only to see them both playing, but Brandon stationed at third base (my position when I played) for the Marlins and Garrett playing right field for the Yankees (or Yankers, as Garrett suggested when they were picking a name for the team!).

Well, Garrett was in right field, not exactly playing. Garrett is only four and a half years old. That seems awfully young to me, but he at least knows enough to run when he hits the ball off the tee.

I know I didn’t start that young. Maybe in the yard next to the house, but not on a team as such.

Garrett is the youngest and the smallest boy on the team but he managed two hits and scored once. It seemed to take those little guys running as hard as they could to get to first base.

Oh, one little guy was running as hard as his little legs would go toward home with the coach yelling, "Come back, come back, you forgot to touch third base!"

The little ones seem to run at will and don’t want to stop.

Garrett ran hard, even beating out the pitcher who was running to first to beat him out.

Fielding the ball, well, that was another matter for Garrett. The only time the ball came to outfield, he just stood there and watched the ball. But, he looked good watching it. He explained to his mom and Cynthia after the game the he had to stand there. He couldn’t leave his position! If it had been hit straight to him he would have picked it up and thrown it to the pitcher.

Brandon (almost nine years old) is already experienced. You know, a veteran, of sorts.

He plays third base, because he’s one of the few that can field a grounder and throw it to first cleanly – so the first baseman can catch it. Brandon’s team, the Marlins, are undefeated.

Brandon also bats cleanup, which means he can actually hit the ball, and with some power, too. Friday night, when Cynthia and I arrived, it was just in time to see Brandon scoring.

I don’t know if he hit a home run, or if the ball just got by everyone, but he was coming in to score, nonetheless. Hey, it still counts as a home run, if the ball isn’t caught by anyone, doesn’t it?

He moved over to second base later in the game and my daughter, Karen, said it all depends on who is pitching. Maybe it depends on who can field the ball the best. Anyway, he fields the ball better than the others.

At third, he can catch it if anyone is stealing. And that happens a lot, at their age.

So, Brandon can field and hit, and Garrett can hit. They both can run. And they both enjoy the game. What else can a grandpa ask?


At May 28, 2008 at 9:26 AM , Blogger JimPat said...

Great story, John. I'm sure you are enjoying seeing your grandkids play. And you've got many years to come.

At June 11, 2008 at 7:00 AM , Blogger John Inman said...

Hey Dad. I'm logged in to your profile so I can read the story about the boys and all the other interesting stories. I'm glad you enjoyed. An update-the Marlins finally received their first loss, 7-6 to the Malakoff Brewers. The Yankees actually won a game 14-13 last week. Garrett got on base 3 times and scored twice.


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