Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Writing a Book

Hey, Fellow Bloggers,

I don't know about the propriety of doing it this way, but I wrote a whole bunch of short stories over the past year or so. They have now been published by Deeds Publishing, founded and owned by Heavener's own Bob Babcock, and are available for sale. The way the book came to be is presented below. I will spare you the agonies of tales of writer's block that paralyzed my mind from time to time and simply say that it took a lot of "grunting and groaning" to get it done.

Many years ago I jotted down the idea for a short story—and then put it away in a file. Four years ago, after I retired from my job as Chief Engineer at the Arnold Engineering Development Center, I was organizing files for my home office and re-discovered the idea buried in one of the files.

Now I have not only completed that first short story (“Reality”) but I have also added another fourteen stories to the mix and published them as “Tales From the Mind—Volume I”. The stories run the gamut from pure fantasy to historically based fiction. Most of them are just the right length for reading just before you go to bed or when you have a thirty-minute break any time during the day.

Here are the things some reviewers have said about the book.

“Lazalier combines the imagination of Asimov and the story-telling ability of King in this series of short stories. — Readers should be prepared to encounter palpable fear, thought-provoking situations, and surprise endings.”
Doris-a retired Guidance Counselor

“—He takes the reader on a journey through a weird dream-like world that is somehow still familiar enough to relate to. — Lazalier entertains while making you think, and he keeps you guessing right up until the end.”
Mark-a recent college graduate

“Glen uses his engineering talents to craft stories which lead the reader down often familiar paths and then ambush them with never-even-imagined endings. I think of him as one of the few people possessing the rare ability to remember an entire dream long enough to write it down.”
Pat-an avid reader

“Stories that invade the recesses of one’s mind inspiring dreamlike fantasy grounded with touches of realism, and laced with twists that beg us wonder the possibility.”
Lynn-a Registered Nurse

I had a lot of fun writing the stories and I hope that people who buy the book have just as much fun reading them.

If you would like a copy, please send $25.00 (includes shipping costs—check or money order only, please—I can’t handle credit cards) to the address below and include a clearly written mailing address to which you want the book sent:

Glen Lazalier
3796 Hillsboro-Viola Road
Hillsboro, Tennessee 37342

If you would like to have the book personalized with a note from me, please include the name of the person to whom you would like the note addressed.

Volume II is planned for release around the end of 2008.


At June 25, 2008 at 10:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've often thought about writing a book, but that's mainly all it's been just thought and maybe dreams.

At June 27, 2008 at 8:16 PM , Blogger Glen Lazalier said...

Contact Bob Babcock at Deeds Publishing and see if something develops.


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