Friday, March 6, 2009

Without T.O. maybe things will look up

The last time I sent anything on the Cowboys about acquiring ‘T.O.’ was three years ago, and then I sent it to Craig to put on HOL (Heavener On Line). That was when the Dallas Cowboys first acquired Terrell Owens. It concerned T.O. being a ‘cancer’ and Bob Collins , a former football coach, agreed with me. In a poll on Fox recently, 78% of the fans that voted agreed., too.

Well, T.O. is no more. Jerry Jones finally came to his senses, and released the receiver with the huge ego problem. To me, T.O. has been Jerry Jones’ problem all along -- ego. Jerry’s ego, that is. Jones for some reason has to have all these guys on the team that are trouble-makers but still headline-makers. Owens, Tank Johnson, Pacman Jones, etc. They’ve all been in and out of trouble with the law more times than anyone can count. It just took Jones a while to figure that out. I’m not saying all those guys aren’t talented. T.O. certainly has been in his NFL career, but he’s worn his welcome out with the San Francisco 49ers, the Philadelphia Eagles and now the Cowboys. Maybe Tony Romo can blossom with T.O. not around moreso than he could with him. Jason Whitten, Roy Williams, promising Miles Austin and the others can carry the load. And there are some talented receivers out there such as Torry Holt, just to name one, that could be scooped up for the right price Seems Jerry has no problem with money, or he wouldn’t have spent the money to give it to guys like Owens and some of the others he’s signed

Without Owens, Tank, who wasn't re-signed, and Pacman in the locker room and on the field, there’s bound to be more harmony and less trouble. Roy Williams, the safety and former OU star, is also gone. He and Owens were released. That Williams was reasesed be wrong, but the move of T.O. sure wasn’t.


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