Monday, April 20, 2009

7 to go; then total relaxation

The best thing about Cynthia’s retirement is not only will she be around all the time, but that she will be able to relax, finally. Her job has been most stressful (on her, not me), to say the least.

Seven weeks to go now, and she can be totally relaxed. I’m guilty of insisting that we have to be some place at a certain time. I admit it. That’s the way I am, that’s the way I’m programmed. Time means a great deal to me. I’ve spent most of my life dealing with deadlines in newspaper work, even in college when I worked on The Northeastern. On our inaugural journey, however, Cynthia has said she is looking forward to just going whenever we want, wherever we want. We can be early, we can be late, doesn’t matter. That’s fair enough. She’s had a boss that’s wanted things done on a time basis. And she better not be late doing it, either. I suppose he’s been a little demanding, then I have been that way at home, too, for the most part. So, I can see her point.

For instance, when we get to Cedar Lake and go to visit Aunt Mable in Heavener, it doesn’t really matter when we get there, just as long as we get to see Aunt Mable. We can leave whenever we get ready, too. The only place I want to make sure we arrive on time is in Topeka , KS to visit with John Marvin Wright, our friend and my classmate. He’s off on Sundays and Mondays. And he doesn’t really care if we get on there on Oct. 11th and 12th or Oct. 18th and 19th. Just as long as we are there for a Sunday and Monday. He probably wouldn’t care if we were there any other day, but, for his sake, I want to be able to have a good visit with him on his days off.


At April 20, 2009 at 11:06 AM , Blogger Glen Lazalier said...

I hope you and Cynthia enjoy retirement for both of you. Cynthia's attitude of "be and go, when and where" has been one of the best things about my retirement, even if I am still working about one-third of the time. I guess it is a blend of the strict discipline I followed while working full-time and a purely free time approach.

At April 20, 2009 at 5:27 PM , Blogger Bill Hinds said...

I hope it all works for you and Cynthia, John. I know you are doing some extensive planning right now. You may have to cater to her for a while. Mercy! :)


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