Friday, April 25, 2008

Craigman...future millionnaire!

I would like to take this opportunity to let all of you know that in 54 days, I expect to be a millionaire.

No, I am not a psychic. Psycho? Only when a certain favorite sport team that will remain nameless flops in the Fiesta Bowl.

Instead, I expect to win a million dollars. Yep, I will be receiving a check for seven figures, at least that’s what I am counting on. Hopefully it isn’t one of those deals where they give you a certain amount the first year and then some every year thereafter so they can benefit from their interest earned.

Now how am I going to win this million dollars? Is it because of my good lucks? Shih Tzu no. Charm? Sadly, no. Some invention? The only thing I have invented is a different way to sit in the favorite chair so I can eat and control the remote at the same time.

So, just how am I going to win a million dollars in 54 days? It’s because I am taking part in the MLB Beat the Streak contest. The kind people at MLB have promised to give me (or anybody else, as if) that much money if I can correctly guess a major league hitter to get a hit every day for 57 straight days.

It doesn’t have to be the same batter or that would be impossible (Just where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio?). Instead, every day, I get to choose who I think will get a hit that day.

Now that gives me something else to think about instead of the important stuff, eh? Right now, my streak is three. After Derik Jeter gets a hit off Paul Byrd in today’s game, I will be up to four!

I have only been playing this game for a couple of weeks. I was actually up to six games a week ago before A-Rod bombed on me, the bum. I would have been at eight games then, but I forgot to hit the submit button the first two times I tried to play.

If you are looking for something that doesn’t take much time to take part in and want a chance at nabbing a million bucks, I urge you to do this. I’ll even share my strategy, and it won’t cost you a penny.

Every morning, I look over who is pitching for the various teams. I always choose an el stinker, somebody who has an ERA approaching what the cost of gas will probably be in a year from now.

I also like to pick a player from a good team, so sorry Ken Griffey Jr., you are probably out of luck, along with everybody from Washington, Baltimore and the National League teams, other than my man Chase Utley, who has come through in the clutch twice!

From my extensive research, I try to pick a player from a team playing at home. Then, I look to see how the player has done against the pitcher over the last few years and also how they are doing this year. All available right there!

Yep, I have vetoed name-brand players because they have problems against a certain pitcher, or because their hitting is in the toitey.

As you can see, that isn’t very technical. But in two months when I’m in the money, you can say you knew me back before I was a rich snoot and how I made my money.


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