Monday, September 8, 2008

Cynthia: the caregiver, friend, wife, etc.

Pardon me while I brag on my wife Cynthia.

First of all, Cynthia is good at whatever she does. Whether she’s taking care of me, her Aunt Mable, and as she did before they passed away, her mother and dad.

Seems she has been taking care of someone, for as long as I known her, at least. A caregiver, if you will.

Cynthia is and has been there for me, whenever I need her. I had open heart surgery a little over five years ago, but she stayed right by my side while I was in the hospital. Night and day.

For a time, she had to write all the checks and pay the bills, simply because I was unable to write legibly after I suffered a mild stroke some two and a half years ago. I assume that was the reason, because I used to take pride in my handwriting, printing and penmanship.

Suddenly, I couldn’t even address an envelope to where anyone could read it. So, she took over what had previously been my duties for a while. Writing checks for our bills? Forget it.

Gradually, everything came back to me and now I can write almost as good as I once could. We now pay bills on line and I’m glad.

Still, she always goes to see the doctor with me, in case I have to fill out any paperwork and to hear what the doctor has to say, for I don’t always remember everything I should.

For a time, Aunt Mable was sick after she had some surgery done and had to stay with us for a few weeks. Of course, I did as much as I could, but it was mainly all Cynthia. As usual, she was being a good caregiver.

Her ex-mother-in-law, Dixie Linville, is still a good friend and mine as well. But Cynthia has remained like a daughter-in-law to Dixie . She helps her fill out insurance paperwork, makes doctor’s appointments for Dixie . Dixie even lived with us for a time, and still comes to stay when she has to go to the dentist or a doctor close by.

Cynthia is also good at her job. She works for the federal government and is often called upon to teach others in various parts of the country. Me being retired, I usually travel with her. We’ve been to Dallas , Oklahoma City, Phoenix , Oakland and she’s been to Dallas (for many weeks a time, before we were married), Houston , Nashville and other places without me.

And she still gets requests to teach from time to time.

Now, however, Cynthia has slowed down, not because of age or anything she has been doing for everyone else. She had some surgery of her own – surgery on her spine, to correct a few problems. I get a chance to take care of her.

Everybody has chipped in to do their part. Dixie is staying here at the house, Elaine Swinney , our good friend, has lined up somebody from our church to bring in food for at least a week or two. So, Dixie takes care of the laundry, I try to do my part as a husband taking care of his illl wife, and things are going great.

Cynthia is recovering nicely and getting stronger every day. Everything will be back to normal in a few weeks, but Cynthia will not be in any pain any longer. For that, and a lot of things, I’m thankful.


At September 8, 2008 at 7:59 AM , Blogger Glen Lazalier said...

Excellent testimonial, John. As we grow older the bond between husband and wife usually grows ever more secure. Caring for the one you love is not just a duty, it is an honor.

At September 9, 2008 at 9:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, glad to hear that Cynthia is recovering nicely. Take care of her. She's a jewel! - Jim Patterson


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