Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What has happened to the bloggers?

Where is everybody? What has happened to everybody? How come there are no blogs. Nobody has written one since the end of July.

Where is Chuck? I hope Glen is okay after having back surgery. What has happened to Craig? In all fairness, he said he is trying to focus on his new job. That’s understandable. He gets a pass, but only temporarily.

How about the rest of you? Bill Babcock finally admitted in an email he had lost interest. Bill Pitchford recently joined the Heavener group and said he might have an interest in writing. But we’re still waiting for his first one …

I petitioned Jim Patterson, but he said he was enjoying reading the blogs and not that interested in writing one.

Chuck said he was contemplating writing one about his dad, who had some surgery. Get well soon, Lonzo. Chuck even took a photo of his dad to put with it, but nothing yet …

How about Ann Kirksey or Cindy Miller? Have they no interest in doing any more blogs? And still nothing from Grace Kidwell or Pat Burroughs, like in the old days of Heavener On Line.

I read blogs all the time, on MLB, the Olympics, or other subjects.

Me? I’ve been busy supervising a landscaping project Cynthia and I decided to have done in our yard. Well, not exactly supervising, more just watching. Watching others do the work is something I’ve become quite good at since I’ve retired. And before long Cynthia will have some surgery and that will require my attention. Taking care of her afterwards, that is. It may be awhile before I write another blog.


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