Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reunions never get too old

Well, another Heavener High School Reunion has been put to bed. The reunions never get old, although we are.

This was my 43rd. I just can’t believe it’s been 43 years since I was in high school. Where has the time gone? I guess I’ve been so busy the time seemingly has just flown by.

It is good to see old classmates, even if I don’t recognize some of them now. It doesn't take long to get reacquainted. All the classes seem to make a push on their 40th. I don’t know why that is.

Maybe it’s because some may not be around for the 50th. My class has lost 17 of our members already.

Four years ago, when we had our 39th we made a big push (since the HHS Reunion only comes every two years we couldn't do the 40th) to make it an important one. My class had so many there I hadn’t seen in so long, I literally didn’t recognize some. The name tags with our senior pictures on them helped a lot!

Dennis West, who used to live only a block from me on 2nd Street, came back for the first time, I think, but he had changed so much, everyone was saying, “Who is that” or “Whose husband is that” like he might be married to one of the girls we did recognize.

His brother Jerry (class of '61) looks practically the same but not Dennis.

This year I recognized him. Cynthia and I went to Oklahoma City a few years ago, so we knew he lived there and we were able to get together with Dennis and his wife Carol, among others.

Gayle Wilson Butler, who lived right across the street from me, said she drove down 2nd Street this time and didn’t even recognize her old house. I must admit, 2nd Street has changed some.

At the banquet Saturday night, Dora Ruth Mead was honored. Dora Ruth graduated from Heavener High 75 years ago! That is truly a long time. I don’t know how spry she is, but she at least was there. Several of her children, including Denton, John and Von, are still around Heavener, too. Martha Lee and Duane live elsewhere.

Brothers Martin and Bob Tate have become fixtures as the flag bearers at these banquets. They always present the United States and Oklahoma flags, but it’s not the same without Hilda Grae Wynn leading the singing of the Star Spangled Banner and Allegiance.

But a younger generation is prepared to step in. Jennifer Wright did an outstanding job!

Yes, time moves on but Heavener High remains an important piece of our lives.


At July 10, 2008 at 7:46 PM , Blogger Glen Lazalier said...

Sorry I missed this one but I had a conflict with a consulting job. The class of '59 is planning a September reunion during Homecoming. It will count as our 50th snce there is no full school reunion next year.

It's funny how those school days stay with us. I may not be able to remember where I left my reading glasses but I can recall events from the first through the twelfth grades.


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