Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My new friend

Finally, I have a new friend I can be totally proud of. His name: Derek Jeter. Yep, the same Derek Jeter who plays shortstop for the NY Yankees. I officially joined something called “WePlay” this week, so I could register for a trip to Yankee Stadium. I received an email and anything with a famed Yankee emblem on it draws my attention.

Yep, I’m still trying to get to Yankee Stadium, by hook or crook. I’ve even registered for a Final Engagement.

My latest attempt, since I didn’t get chosen to win a free trip to the Major League All-Star game earlier this month, is to win a free trip through “WePlay”. It will include four airplane tickets to New York and four tickets to a game at Yankee Stadium and a chance to meet Derek Jeter.

I thought, why not? I certainly would love a chance to see a game in The Stadium and, although he’s not my favorite player, a chance to meet The Captain would be okay, too. I don’t know which player on the Yankees would be my favorite, but it doesn’t take long to call the roll. No, really, he would have to at least be in the top five. There’s A-Rod, Joba Chamberlain, Mike Mussina and Johnny Damon. (have you seen photos of Johnny Damon’s wife? I have). Derek Jeter would have to be in that group.

Don’t tell Derek Jeter he’s not my absolute favorite, though, because that might be one of the considerations to join “WePlay”. Oh, I get to write blogs on “WePlay”, too. I haven’t yet figured out if I have to post a photo of myself, but for sure I’ve already posted my biography.

I can probably post some of my blogs I’ve already written for the Heavener group. Who knows, maybe if Derek Jeter actually reads the one where I told how I voted for all the Yankees at every position on the all-star team, he might feel sorry for me.

Cynthia has said she will take me to a Yankee game before The Stadium closes its door on the 2008 season, but, heck, I’m realistic enough to know we can’t afford to go. It would be a great treat, and awfully nice of her to offer, but I’ve explained it’s not necessary for me to go this season. After she retires, and I’m on my death bed, or something, then we might consider going as my last dying dream.

Until then, I’m going to keep trying. Hey, if we get four tickets, anyone want to go along?


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