Sunday, November 23, 2008

Build it and they'll come (blog, that is)

Well, we’ve got 18 signed up now to blog. We’re slowly but surely, getting there.
This recruiting business is hard work. I’m satisfied with the ‘players’, so far but we need more of them. And the more players we add, Glen, the more comments we'll get. Chuck has talked to Don Bentley about blogging. Chuck and Don were good friends when they lived in Mesquite and Chuck has told me some of Don’s stories used to crack him up. Personally, I can’t wait to read some of them.

I’ve e-mailed Jerry West , Dennis West , Jerry Johnston and Bud Turman , to name a few. Jerry West was once in a movie, I think, with Chad whathisname. You know the guy. I’ve seen him in other things, most recently in the sit com, Just Shoot Me. Dennis West was in the military and probably has some good “war” stories to share with us. Jerry Johnston is an athletic director at Poteau after coaching there for a long time. So, he should have some stories for us, too.

Bud Turman is on the teaching staff at Tulsa CC and his wife, Beverly, is from Heavener, too. They both are interested in this blogging thing. Bud Thompson was in the class of ’59 and always, as long as I’ve known him has something funny to say. I’ve also asked Carl Twidwell , who is 80-something years-old now, and will be remembered by bloggers, Bill Hinds and Glen, as well as Bud Thompson, since they all played football in the ’50s at Heavener. Another I’ve asked is Hal Dowden , from that same Twidwell-coached bunch, and served as a long-time official (referee) of major college football.

We’ve welcomed Bob Collins , the football coach following Twidwell and continued Heavener’s tradition of strong football teams. Sadly, I never played for Twidwell or Collins, but coach Twidwell lived across the street from me and I remember his kids, David and Carla. I went back for the reunion with Collins and his players earlier in this decade and had a great time. I witnessed the football games in the early ’60s and remembered many of the players.

Jerry West , Jerry Johnston, Chuck and Don played on those teams. However, Craig Hall deserves a lot of credit. He stared the old Heavener On Line and started this Heavener blogger thing, too. I’m just trying to help him build on it.


At November 23, 2008 at 7:33 AM , Blogger Glen Lazalier said...


Thank you for your hard work in recruiting bloggers. I sent notices to the class of '59 some time ago but haven't gotten much response. I guess it's time to send another one.

This blog is a chance for those of us from Heavener to share memories and reflections on both the old days and our current situations.

To those reading the blogs and comments but who haven't yet contributed a blog, I say, "We want to hear from you! Everyone has things to say that will be of interest to the rest of us, so 'just do it!'"


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