Tuesday, December 9, 2008

OU-Texas re-match would be better

All the rankings in the world still didn’t get it correct. I don’t, or never did, get involved too much with polls and such, because I never saw every team or player perform enough to make a valid decision. I never felt comfortable voting in polls or Hall of Fame ballots, etc. for that reason.

The BCS poll involves a computer listing, not one of human elements or anything else. Even the Harris, AP and USA Today polls all said the same thing, that Oklahoma and Florida , one way or the other, were ranked 1-2. I say, phooey on that.

Yes, OU was ranked at the top and will be playing Florida for the national championship when all the dust clears and for that I’m very happy. But Oklahoma and Texas , in a rematch, would have been the way to go. I’m sure everyone here in Texas would agree, too. Sure, Florida will be a good draw, especially since the national championship will be staged in Miami , but so would have OU-Texas, even if it were played in a cornfield or big pasture somewhere.

OU is the highest-scoring football team of all time and Florida isn’t far behind, so it will be a good match-up, no doubt. Texas is ranked third in all the polls.

Oklahoma and Texas , however, would be a natural. A huge rivalry, neighboring states, players that know each other, fans that know and hate each other, all the ingredients for a momentous match-up could be in store. Who cares that the SEC and Big XII were the best conferences in college football? What about the Big XII never getting to decide who the best team really is?

After a three-way tie, that is. Not to mention an ongoing discussion between me and my buddy George would be decided and laid to rest …for at least this year.

The computer ranking is what it is, so to speak, but it’s wrong, I’m telling you.

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At December 10, 2008 at 7:51 PM , Blogger Bill Hinds said...

I agree, a Texas Oklahoma rematch would be a great game to watch. But I do believe the Florida Team would beat Texas. Oklahoma has really perfected their offensive game. I believe Florida is probably the only college team that will be able to compete with them now at this level.


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