Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Rest of the Story

In a recent comment to one of Mr. Inman's stories, I wrote about a kick that I made in a 1961 football game. Turns out my memory was a little faulty when I reported that we were ahead 58 to 22 when Coach sent me in try a kick for the extra point. While digging around for something else today I ran accross an old clipping from the Tulsa World which indicates the score was actually 58 to 0 and my kick made it 59 to 0, so the game was really "out of reach" when Coach decided it was safe to try for 1 point instead of 2. The scoring rout was not the only indication that the game was out of hand; the record of yards gained indicates that the Wolves had already accumulated over 600 yards compared to Hugo's less than 100. There was no story included with the clipping; just an accounting of the scoring and yardage but it appears that Hugo made all of their points and most of their offense after Coach Collins cleared the bench toward the end of the game. The clipping shows Heavener scored as follows:
Jim Gore Scored the first touchdown on a 4 yard run.
Buddy Westmoreland ran the extra point in. Heavener 8----Hugo 0
Ray Gaskin made a 42 yard run to score the second TD.
John Newcommer ran the extra point in. Heavener 16---Hugo 0
John Council scored on a 3 yard run for the 3 rd TD.
Jim Gore ran in the extra point. Heavener 24---Hugo 0
Micky Wynn ran 17 yards for the forth TD.
A try at a run for the extra point failed Heavener 30---Hugo 0
Ray Gaskin bolted 66 yards for TD #5.
Bing Lile caught a pass from Council for the extra point Heavener 38---Hugo 0
Micky Wynn took Council's pass and went 45 yards for # 6
Ali Mirgambari ran the extra point in. Heavener 46---Hugo 0
Newcomer ran 2 yards for the 7th TD of the night.
The running play for the extra point was no good. Heavener 52 --- Hugo 0
Newcomer then dashed 54 yards to score our final TD.
And some kid named Bud Kelley kicked the extra point Heavener 59---Hugo 0
Hugo then finished up the game scoring their 22 points Heavener 59---Hugo 22

After I get my taxes figgered up (man I hate taxes)
I'll see if I have any more old clippings laying around. colin (bud kelley)


At March 28, 2009 at 11:41 PM , Blogger John Inman said...

Good memories, Bud, er, Colin, even if you did have to find it in a newspaper. Hope you can do more blogs on some of those games.

Ron Bentley used to telll me one in which Heavener played Jenks. He was a sophomore, I think. Anyway, he got in the game and wound up making a tackle of the good Jenks running back, Larry Brown (maybe, I don't know for sure), but he said he actually fell down in front of the guy and the guy tripped over him.

We used to laugh about it. Maybe you remember it. Did he really tackle the guy?

I'd love to read about some of those game from you or coach Collins. I used to go top many of those games and you guys were awesome.


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