Friday, March 6, 2009

Shout out to my homies

Hey, y'all! Well, ain't this something? I decided to sign up for Facebook about a month back because I was bored at work, surfing the net, and read a blurb about how "everyone who is anyone is on Facebook now." Hmmm....I wasn't, so everybody couldn't be...perhaps I should check this thing out. That very evening I created my account.

"Hey, hey, Darla Kaye!" I found this message in my mailbox within the first day or two, so I KNEW someone from Heavener had sent it. Nobody else knows my middle name, but I reckon everyone that grew up in Heavener in my day knows it. Well, it was none other than Laura Ray, a girlfriend from school days who up and married a guy from Turkey and moved to the other side of the world ages ago and lives there to this day! Next up was Nancy Bateman, then Joe David Johnson, then Beverly and Bud Turman. Next I get a message from John and Cynthia Inman. I have had more fun chatting about old times with these folks. Who knew? Facebook is A-OK in my book! Now I'm signed up to write these blogs. As I understand it a blog is pretty much a place to ramble about this or that. Since Fred Addison was a distance cousin of mine, and y'all probably know that ol' Fred could ramble about as good as anyone, since he's gone I'm thinking maybe I can carry on where ol' Fred left off.


At March 6, 2009 at 8:37 PM , Blogger John Inman said...

Good start, Darla. Just ramble and ramble to your heart's content. I enjoyed chatting with you on facebook and I'll enjoy reading your blogs, too. Both facebook and blogs are a way to keep in touch with folks from Heavener, the greatest little place to grow up as far as I am concerned. I'm probably glad I'm not there now, because there are not as many friends as 40 or 50 years ago. Back then you, and Mike and Steve, etc. were just part of my friends. Sadly Mike is gone. I really miss him, too, when I go back home and he's not there.

Nothing is much the same in Heavener these days. But I still have good memories of the place.

Anyway, welcome to world of blogging and good luck with the world of blogging, too. I look forward to your next one.


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