Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Continuing on our trip -- Part 3

(click photos for larger view)

Oklahoma City was our next stop after Kansas . There, I got to visit with an old friend from my days at LeTourneau University in Longview . Elliot Johnson is now baseball coach at Southern Nazarene and he and his wife Judy have built a new log home in Northwest OKC, actually Piedmont . It is truly a nice home, or as Elliot calls it, his “cabin.” We were very comfortable in the “Indian” room.

The last night in OKC we had a mini-Heavener Reunion , with Dennis West and his wife Carol, Russell Walker (photo at top left), Nancy Gilstrap Adams (photo with me, below, we were sweethearts in the 1st or 2nd grade), along with Kathy Bain Dunn and her husband Harry (photo, third from top). Harold Patterson and his wife Sheila, plus Paul Riggins and his wife were unable to join us because of family commitments.

It was great to meet, Kathy, a fellow Heavener blogger. I had known her only as a youngster, and as Judy’s sister. Her husband Harry is a school principal in Midwest City and a really nice guy. Russell, of course, was my next door neighbor on 2nd Street , and Dennis, retired from the U.S. Air Force, lived on 2nd Street as well. He graduated in 1965 with me, so I’ve gotten to see him at a few Heavener Reunions. Nancy was a ’65 grad as well, so we had seen her some over the years. Our stay in the OKC area was rewarding, in that we got to visit with old friends. However, a friend of mine passed away in Longview , so we had to make the trek back home the very next day to go to the funeral. I’d have to classify our first extended RV trip as very good, and we plan to make another one soon


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