Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Just out of curiosity, I decide to go Googling this morning.

I don’t know if a person can actually go Googling, although I did. Perhaps, the correct term is “Google it”, but I didn’t like that and wanted to be distinctive.

First off, I Googled “Craig Hall of Heavener, Oklahoma”. Now this is a tad scary, but there were 12,700 hits. Again, 12,700! Cool, eh? Fortunately, most of them came from either “Craig”, “Hall” or Heavener. Luckily, they were not all about me, that would really be scary

I did find one link I wasn’t aware of, please feel free to see it HERE. Family safe, I assure you. Gee, I feel honored. This is how it described my Smugmug photo site: “gorgeous pictures of the Heavener Area by a local resident”

Nice one, huh? Fortunately, other than the expected hits such as Best Looking Male in Heavener, etc., that about summed up Craig Hall in Google.

Since that didn’t occupy much time, I switched to Heavener in Googling. Much more information, of course. Here is some information about our fair city that you might be aware of, then again you might not. And then again even more, you might be wondering why you have read so far.

Anyway, here goes:

Heavener’s coordinates? How about 34”53’21-N and 94”36’15’-W. I honestly did not know that! Then again…Now before somebody comments that I didn't put the right dealiwhopper between the numbers, that's the best I could.

Did you know Heavener occupies 4.9 square miles? I sure didn't!

Elevation? How about 554 feet, by gosh! No wonder I feel so tired when I exert myself.

The population is estimated to be around 3,201 with 1,606 males and the rest, hopefully, females.

Heavener was formerly known as “Choctaw City”.

How about our median income? Would you believe it is $26,500? Really. In 1999, residents living below the poverty level were 26.3 percent compared to a state average of 14.7. Come on, people! Let’s boost that income, shall we!

Average household size of Heavener is 2.8 compared to 2.5 in Oklahoma. Does that mean we win?

Now here’s something I wasn’t aware of, and you probably wish you weren’t after reading this: The number of homosexual households in Heavener is 0.3 for the lesbians and 0.2 for the males. No stats about undecided so I don't the accuracy of this.

By the way, I thought I handled the last paragraph in a fairly classy manner, don’t you? But it was difficult, I might add.

The change in the population as far as race in the 1990’s? Only a smooth 21.3 percent, as if.

Now, you know much more about Heavener than you ever expected, or wanted. I accept your thanks in advance.


At April 29, 2008 at 5:18 PM , Blogger Glen Lazalier said...

I suppose change was inevitable when prosperity hit and everybody was able to own one or more automobiles. Even toward the end of my time in Heavener (1941-1959) many people drove to Fort Smith to buy groceries once a month because they were cheaper. Now with Poteau only fifteen minutes away, Walmart and its lookalikes are just too convenient. The automobile (freedom to travel) and miniaturized electronics (computer chips and the internet) have changed America more than anything else. Just for reference, the Apollo 11 that went to the moon had no more computing power aboard the lunar module than an old Commodore 64.
The chicken processing plant is probably the biggest contributor to the changed demographics along with the reduction in the scope of KCS employment.


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