Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Shock

Many, many years ago Jessie and a friend were out shopping just prior to Halloween.  I was at home alone and got the bright idea of rigging a frightening scenario for Jessie when she returned.  So I began searching for just the right things.

First I found a rubberized mask of the head of a brutally ugly man.  Then I ran across a pair of my old coveralls.  The idea then jelled in my mind and I set to work.  First, I constructed a wooden frame in the shape of a very tall man with his hands upraised.  Then I draped the coveralls on the frame and placed the head on the top.  I put an ax in one of the upraised hands and placed the entire structure in a darkened hallway.

Then I heard Jessie and her friend drive up so I hid in a room off the hallway and waited.  I expected Jessie’s friend to drop Jessie off and for Jessie to come in the house.  However, her friend felt the need to use our bathroom and entered first.  It was too late for me to do anything to prevent the oncoming event so I just settled back to enjoy it.

The reaction from Jessie’s friend was spectacular!!  She screamed!  She shrieked!  She found herself frozen by fear and essentially ran in place for what seemed like an eternity.  Then she ran back outside to be met by Jessie.

“I thought you had to use the bathroom,” said Jessie.  “I did but I sure don’t need to now!!” was the reply.

Fortunately, I was soon forgiven and we all remain best friends today.


At November 22, 2008 at 1:47 PM , Blogger Bill Hinds said...

That was good Glen. Who did you marry? I think you said she was from out Hontuby way and you call her Jessie, I can't think of who that is. Mercy


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