Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What did you do on Memorial Day?

So, what did you do on Memorial Day? Something interesting and having thoughts of our soldiers who have fought for our freedom, I hope. Me, well in addition to thinking of the soldiers who have fought for our freedom I got a first-hand look at the largest football stadium in the world. The new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington is absurd, or oh-my-gosh huge, to say the very least. To me, it’s embarrassing to construct anything so large right next to a baseball stadium, which is perfectly nice but looks so small next to Jerry Jones’ newest home for the Cowboys. I take that back, The Ballpark in Arlington – home to Texas Rangers – looks almost tiny.

When my friend Jim Patterson wondered if the stadium with the “world’s largest HD television” is comparable to Reliant Stadium in Houston , I said “No comparison! If the Astrodome would fit inside Reliant, then Reliant could fit inside Cowboys Stadium.” Really, it resembles something from outer space.

Memorial Day was only the tail end of the weekend we spent, though. It started with a night in Hillsboro and a quick visit to the Thousand Trails campground at Lake Whitney, then going south to Seguin where Cynthia and I got to meet Ora’s parents and family. Ora is the nice lady who recently became Michael’s wife and Michael is Cynthia’s son. They live in San Antonio , where Cynthia’s daughter and son-in-law, Tammi and Kenny, are moving within the next two weeks. Think Cynthia won’t be going to San Antonio , once she retires? Oh, I probably will go along, since we can take our new RV down for a Thousand Trails campground at Lake Medina , only 20 miles from San Antone.

After Seguin, our next stop was Arlington to see the Yankees nab an 11-1 win, behind A-Rod’s 5-for-5 day, over the Rangers. Oh, did I mention it was also Cynthia’s birthday Saturday. So, not only did the Yankees win for her, she got to visit her son and daughter and her girls. McKenna and Kenedi love her Nanna and so do I.


At May 27, 2009 at 8:26 PM , Blogger Glen Lazalier said...

I spent Memorial Day thinking about the great debt we owe to those who have served and who continue to serve by putting themselves in harms way to protect our freedoms. While I was never in the Armed Forces, I have spent my engineering career perfecting weapons of war and praying that they would not have to be used. The surest way I know to have peace is to be so strong that other nations, rogues, etc are afraid to mess with us. If just one person in the Services has (or will) come home on two feet instead of in a body bag because of the weapon systems I have helped develop, then my career was well spent.


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