Monday, May 18, 2009

Only three weeks...

If you are enjoying reading these retirement blogs as much as I’m enjoying writing them, we’re both in sync. And I’m not even the one retiring. It’s Cynthia and in a little less a month she will go into work for the last time.

Last time, I blogged on how we may travel east from Washington into Idaho , and possible go southward into Nevada . Well, we may just continue going east into Montana and then southward into Wyoming and Colorado . We have some friends in Grand Junction Colorado , who retired a couple years ago and tried this traveling thing. They went north and then back south to Arizona and across to New Mexico before heading our way into Texas . So, maybe we should return the favor and go see them.

We’ve always loved Colorado , the Rocky Mountains and all their grandeur. Yep, that’s what we should do. I made that decision just now, without even asking my wife.


At May 18, 2009 at 6:14 PM , Blogger Glen Lazalier said...

Careful about all those decisions made alone : )
Sorry to have not responded to several blogs but I have been away on business--Washington DC and St Louis.

At May 19, 2009 at 4:22 PM , Blogger Bill Hinds said...

I lived up in those Rocky Mts for a while. Up by Estes Park and over by Allens Park. The "Wheel Bar" in Estes Park was a popular hang out for the locals and also popular with the "tourists".

One time I traveled up across the "Big Sky Montana", which is incredible country and into Idaho. As I drove into Couerd'Alene, Idaho there was a big beutiful blue lake off to the south which Interstate 90 took you right by the shores on the north side which you overlooked hugh bolders. As I drove in I saw an eagle comming up out of the lake after making a dive into the lake and catching a big trout. He was working hard carrying a large trout. What a beautiful sight!!!


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