Friday, February 12, 2010

Look, what is that white stuff?

Finally, it snowed in Tyler, TX. Cynthia and I went to bed last night and it was actually snowing outside. I kid you not. This morning there was around 3-4 inches on the ground. The weathermen I see on regularly on TV – Mark Skirto of channel 7 and John Adams, his competitor on channel 19 – were so proud of themselves last night on the news. Mark even went outside for his news (weather) cast. Snow was predicted to fall last night and this morning and Mark was so danged proud of his prediction, I guess he wanted to show his faithful followers he really does know of what he speaks. He’s been wrong so much. Predicting the weather is, well, just like predicting the weather, even with all those fancy gadgets the TV guys have like Doppler and computers, rain-gauges and others weather-related objects. I even arose early to look outside to see how much snow had fallen overnight. Yep, I was up at little past 5 a,m. when I got up to sneak a peek out the back door, where we have a light on the deck. After all it was still dark. I quickly crawled back in bed, under the heated blanket to get warm again, and got back up at 6:45 to stay. I won’t say what time Cynthia rolled out from under the covers, but it wasn’t too much later.

Cynthia is the picture-taker in our household, and I think she’s done good job with these, just like I’m the keeper of the emails, so to speak and, of course, she’s the down-loader, or is it up-loader? Because I don’t know a lot about computers. About all I can do is write these blogs … when I can think of something to say. She can write blogs, too, but I’m usually on the computer, or so she says. I just tell her when an email comes in for her personally, or when there’s a humorous one forwarded from someone else. Speaking of which, there have been a lot recently, concerning President Obama forwarded this way. Ever get any of those?

Enough about emails. I’m just glad we had new windows installed this week. These new double-paned, with argon gas deals, sure do keep the house warm. Just in the nick of time, too, especially since white stuff has fallen.


At February 13, 2010 at 9:46 AM , Blogger colin said...

Nice pics. looks like it didn't stick to the roads much; for that you can be very glad too.

At February 13, 2010 at 5:03 PM , Blogger Glen Lazalier said...

This has been our year for small snows in Tennessee. Three times already and another one predicted for tomorrow. It's pretty and much, much better than ice storms.


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