Saturday, July 10, 2010

Traveling with the Inman’s, Part 2

EUREKA SPRINGS, AR—Boomer likes it here. He made friends with the bears surrounding the teepee next to our RV at Kettle Campground. Our first two days we received a personal guided tour throughout NW Arkansas with our friends, Jackie (Garrett) and Ken Alsup (pictured below) with John. Ken is a tour guide in Dogwood Canyon in Missouri and his talents were not wasted as he took us through Eureka Springs and Berryville then through places we’d never been, like Ponca and Jasper, to Lost Valley, various spots along the Buffalo River and Beaver Lake. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking with the cliffs and valleys, mountains and trees. We crossed Arkansas’s version of the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was only one lane! We dined Wednesday at the Cliff House Inn on what we all agreed was some of the best meat loaf ever. The Inn is actually built into the cliff and overlooks Arkansas’s Little Grand Canyon. (picture at for larger view) We have truly been blessed by their friendship and hospitality. They
have a serious prospective buyer for their little portion of this beautiful country and may be moving to Ft. Smith soon.

Thursday we navigated the trolley system to Thorncrown Chapel, an amazing glass church in a secluded forest setting, then through downtown Eureka Springs to the Crescent Hotel, built in 1886 and remodeled in 1902! It was actually our second visit to the Crescent, because we had lunch there Tuesday with Jackie and Ken. Cynthia did not have her camera with her that day and wanted pictures of the Christ of the Ozarks from the balcony. Of course Thursday it was raining so visibility was not as clear. She got her pictures anyway and spoke with the concierge who was kind enough to let her hear the mechanical self-playing organs in the lobby. On the trolley we also met a woman who had traveled in her RV from Napa, CA to Maine for the birth of her grandson in April and is just now returning to the West Coast. She plans to arrive by the end of July. And we thought our trip was long!

Friday was set aside to visit the site of the Great Passion Play, which includes the statue Christ of the Ozarks (See picture on left). During the day we took the Living Bible Tour, hearing testimonies from the likes of David, Peter, Hannah, and Moses. Next we enjoyed gospel music and Christian comedy along with a good meal at the Top of the Mountain Dinner Theater. The weather cooperated and we were able to view the Great Passion Play with only a few sprinkles. In fact the weather has been relatively cool all week, especially for July.

Next stop Little Rock on the way to Memphis.


At July 10, 2010 at 5:45 PM , Blogger Chuck said...

Good job. You guys are off to a great start.


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