Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A trip down the Ledger way!

Hey, let’s take a little trip through something I like to call “The Ledger”, since that is the name. We haven’t done this a while, but it is great fun.

Hey, ready to go? Yay, let’s hop on the Ledger train!

This week’s edition isn’t out yet, so we will be visiting the one from last week. Ooh, there is a COLOR picture of a butterfly on a wild verbena plant on the front. Good start, huh!

Let’s see, the top story is something about a Board considering property tax exemption vote! Great, will I get my taxes cut…? Oh, afraid not. It only concerns household personal property and livestock employed in support of the family.

Livestock employed? How does that happen? Do they get a 401K?

Moving on…Corn seeks delay of public use plan! Wow, how did corn do this…ah, it’s Oklahoma Sen. Kenneth Corn, I see. Perhaps I am wrong, but isn’t the Forest Service like a national organization, not a state one?

Bluegrass, bike run on tap in Poteau. Have the bluegrassers run and I’ll attend. Did notice there is something called a golf torunament in Late September. What is the torunament they are referring to? Hmm, the final paragraph says the golf tournament is not free to attend. But what about the torunament?

Spring cleanup set! Yes! Will be held May 12-16. Warning! It says move your stuff out to the curb from May 5-9. So any of you people who have crap at the curb you don’t want hauled off, better put it back on the porch. I can just see it now: “Wife” says the husband, “Where’d my recliner go that I like to sit in out by the road while drinking beer?”

Public is invited to view courthouse. Free GRILLED hot dogs and hamburgers. Hmm, FREE? You mean my taxes did not pay for these GRILLED hot dogs and burgs? Cool, sorry I missed out.

Page 2 was boring, so let’s move on to Page 3, shall we? Yes, this is the commentary page. Whoa, Ruth Sanford is still alive and spouting anti-Republican stuff. She closes out her thankfully short column with the following statement: “Thank God George Bush will not be on the ballot!”

Complete with exclamation point!

Roy wrote a column about global warming. Nothing good in the Letters to the Editor, sadly. Gov. Brad wrote a column but it looked long and boring so we will pass over that one.

Onward to Page 4. There was a story and pictures of Whitesboro FFA and the future of forestry. Hmm, can’t pique my interest. All right, it’s Down Memory Lane, my favorite part of the paper, other than the legals.

An old picture and story of Martin Tate as an aviation cadet. Sadly, I can’t read the whole story. In 1928, local businessmen were planning to pave Main Street. Hey, that’s an idea! Plus, the prom was going to be held…at a church. In 1978, Freddie Cox won a bass tournament and I didn’t even know Freddie fished!

I was about to skim over page 5 when buried at the bottom, I ran across the following headline: Racing Lawn Mowers. What the heck, I actually thought and I am NOT lying. People race their lawn mowers? Heck, I only race mine when Wild Bill (don’t know if that is his actual name) drives in front of my property going approximately eight MPH, in one of his 30 trips a day up and down Morris Creek Road. Yep, 2-0 so far in 2008 against Wild Bill!

They are going to show us how to race lawn mowers on May 10! Mark thine calendars and, uh, let me know how it goes.

There is also a story about Endowed Chairs on that page just dying for my commentary. How exactly did a chair get endowed and...uh, better let that one pass, eh?

The next two pages were boring, but hey, Waldron Nursing Home news is at the top of page 8! You might not know this, but I’m a big fan! Hey, they went to eat at the Golden Corral in Fort Smith and got to see flowers and budding trees! There is even a picture of two residents in the actual Golden Corral.

By gosh, we also have Lamplight Theatre Music News and not to be forgotten, Howe Music Hall News!

On the following page, a picture and story about the HHS softball team. And people playing on their ATV’s. There’s an ad promising $5,000 from the Farm Bureau for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons involved in some shooting.

I guess they have the money to do this, since they pooted out the only claim I made against Farm Bureau during my over nine years of having insurance with them. How foolish was I to think if something was stolen from my own house, it would be covered. Yep, I was supposed to hear from the claim person in one to three days, waited a week and when I called, was denied.

The next page is church stuff and a couple of boring pages until we stop to scan the obits and see if there is anybody we know who died. Bernie Beydler passed on, sad to hear.

Classified ads were next. Sorry, nothing that caught my eyes. Now, drum roll please, it’s the last page. Yes, we know what that means! It’s the legals!

Wow, a full page, I was impressed until discovering they were duplicated. It’s bad enough your name is in the legals for getting sued or arrested, but it’s in their twice!

Apart from knowing a couple of people who failed to use their seat belt, didn’t recognize any names. Good.

Until next time, hope you enjoyed our trip!


At May 4, 2008 at 10:20 AM , Blogger John Inman said...

Whatever is in the Ledger, it doesn't take long to read through one issue, does it?


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