Monday, May 5, 2008

Keeper of the e-mails

Cynthia, I’m happy to say, has dubbed me “keeper of e-mails.”

She is much too busy with her job, two hand bell choirs, and all the things she does around here, so I am proud to do my part and help her out by keeping up with all the e-mails. That way I can tell her when she gets one that needs to be answered right away and can keep up with all I need to answer immediately, or otherwise. Sorta, you know, like, being a personal secretary.

In one of Bill Babcock’s first blogs on his ‘other’ blog site, he mentioned his wife Joan was the computer literate one in his family. Cynthia is also in this family. She can do pretty much anything on a computer that I want or need done, including layout and photos, such as the booklet I (correction: we) did for our HHS Reunion some four years ago.

Bill, BTW (an email shortcut I have learned), will be joining our blog site, soon, according to an email he sent me this morning. You, too, will find Bill’s blogs interesting.

Anyway, I read Craig’s blog this morning that he received an e-mail from South Africa, wanting to make him a very wealthy man. I, too, have received those same type of e-mails. Pretty much like Craig, I choose to ignore them.

Mainly, because Cynthia has told me I should.

Being the “keeper” of the e-mails, though, allows me receive all of the ones with jokes and/or photos. If there are any too crude for Cynthia to read, or view, I can delete them. And if any of these are forwarded you now know who sent them!

She receives plenty from her fellow hand bell members and some from her hand bell ringers at the church. I make darn sure she is aware of them

More important than that, I alert her immediately if she gets one from her daughter or her niece Melissa that contain pictures of her granddaughters or her great-nephews.

I get plenty of funny jokes from Bill (Babcock), Wayne Driver, another former Heavenerite who is a truck driver and now lives near Joplin, Missouri, and Doug Thompson, Cynthia’s former boss, who lives in Longview. I get ones from Laura Roszak, Cynthia’s cousin, and my friend Jim Patterson, who keeps me informed of things in Heavener (that he has heard), on the web about Heavener and just things in general.

Another thing I try to do is keep everybody informed about funerals. So, when I receive a death notice (like from the Ft, Smith newspaper), I have a list of Heavener contacts I send them to.

Also, I get ones from MLB and I register every time, so I’m eligible in case I win a trip to the all-star game in Yankee Stadium.

I get ones from travel places, (you know, destinations) and some leaning toward RVing. Cynthia and I plan when she retires a year or so from now, to take a trip to California in our RV. See we belong to this place called 1000 trails, and we can stay there free.

There are 1000 Trails parks all along the California coast , and up the west coast, so that’s something we are looking forward to with great anticipation, that is, if the gasoline doesn’t get so expensive we can’t go on such a trip. She wants to make a similar trip up the eastern seaboard, too.

Until then I’ll keep doing my part to help and that includes being “keeper of the e-mails”.


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