Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The rest of the story ...

Watching NBA basketball is not my definition of an enjoyable of night. But I had spent most of the day Tuesday mowing the yard and cleaning up my shop and was just flat TIRED.

So, I decided to just sit, rest (after I cleaned up) and watch NBA basketball. I sat through the Mavericks-Hornets elimination game and then through half the Spurs-Suns game until I heard the bed calling my name.

I didn’t find out until the next morning that the Spurs had won.

Now, what’s so bad about that(?), you may (or may not) be thinking.

I haven’t watched a pro basketball game for two years, or more. Oh, I admit when Michael Jordan was doing his thing and the Bulls were winning championships, I had a mild interest. Back in those days, I was supposed to watch them, or, at least, that’s what I tell people.

I haven’t watched a a pro basketball game in a couple of years or so, mainly because I don’t’ care for NBA basketball. Unless it’s the Yankees or Cowboys, and especially my beloved Oklahoma Sooners, my days of paying attention to any sport has pretty much disappeared.

Now, I’ve been a Yankees fan clear back to my high school days, and I still have a definite interest in them. Ditto, the Cowboys, since I used to go to so many games in my sports writing days. The Sooners have had my interest for as long as I can remember.

Much to Cynthia’s chagrin. She likes gong to a good baseball or basketball game, and UT-Tyler is good in both.

Just last weekend, I went to my first UT-Tyler baseball game of the season, simply because Cynthia wanted to go. But we still left after six innings, because I had had enough.

I watch ESPN’s First Take every morning, I get a chance, except for the days I have something else to do.

One guy I used to cover Dallas Cowboys games with – Skip Bayless, then of the Dallas Times Herald, is on First Take, and I’m amused at what he has to say. He’s a big San Antonio Spurs fan and used to cover the Mavericks, so he knows of what he speaks. To listen to him, he actually knows everything, at least well enough to talk about on ESPN.

The NBA is his specialty, so he says, so that’s why I was watching NBA games, to see if he actually knows of what he speaks.

Now, as they say, you know the “rest of the story.”


At May 1, 2008 at 7:05 AM , Blogger Craig Hall said...

I can't watch either the NBA regular season or Skip Bayless, who I also used to read regularly while living in Dallas. I will watch the playoffs, if there isn't anything else on.

At May 1, 2008 at 7:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, I agree with you about the NBA. I only watch the Mavericks in the playoffs and didn't do much of that this year. I'm only good until about 9:30 watching anything anymore, so I don't get to see the end of too many games unless the Rangers are on the east coast. Tuesday was a fun night because the Mavs, Stars and Rangers were all playing at once, so if you got bored with one game you could switch to another. Hockey is another sport I only watch during the playoffs and then I only watch the Stars. Can't watch it for very long because nothing much really happens. Hey, how about if they eliminate the goalies and just shoot at an open net. That could really boost the scoring and make it more exciting for the fans. They could do that for soccer, too. Never have really gotten into that sport either. - Jim P.


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