Tuesday, January 20, 2009

'Low school' memories

Glen and Bill, I have to admit, I’m impressed with your memories. To be as old you guys are and still have such sharp minds is remarkable. Actually, you know I’m just kidding, because all us retired bloggers should plan a reunion of sorts before it get too late, and I think you know what I mean. Glen, Bill, Chuck, Bob Collins , Bill Babcock , Bob Babcock, Pat Burroughs , Bud Thompson and Janie Hinds Naylor (the latter two are still working at last report) ought to get together at a place and time to be determined.

Seriously, I noticed in a little exchange of comments late last week in Bill’s blog concerning grade school antics – my dad always referred to ‘low school’ and ‘high school’ -- that both of you still remember a great deal about grade school and, according to my research in some trusty old Heavener annuals, that must have been in the late 1940s. You both remembered B.J. Keller and Ruby Owens and even Mrs. Moore.

Course, I’m telling on myself a little, because I remember them well, too. Like I said in my comment, B.J. and Mrs. Moore both lived on 2nd Street just a few houses from me. The Parkers, Winnie Marie Dowden’s parents, lived next to me, Mrs. Eaton, a wonderful old lady, lived next to them and B.J. lived with his parents across the street from Mrs. Eaton. Mrs. Moore lived on the other side of 2nd Street , a couple of houses up with her husband Pinky directly across from the Babcocks, and next to Virgil Mathis, who lived next to Mrs. Wise, Mrs. Moore’s mother. Carl Twidwell , whom you both played for, lived next to Mrs. Wise and directly across from me. B.J. was quite the singer with a magnificent voice and was the song leader in the First Christian Church, if I remember correctly, and as he proved in school also by leading his students in God Bless America and other songs. The First Christian Church was on the corner on 3rd Street , a block north from B.J.’s house.

As I said in my comment, B.J. and Ruby went to World Burger in Ft. Smith every Saturday night. That seemed to be their standing date. Other grade school teachers were Miss Betty and her little canary bird, Mrs. Sallee, Mrs. Himes, Mrs. Wynn, Mrs. Dozier and Mrs. Stewart. They all seemed a little elderly to me, but they were probably just young teachers in those days. Mrs. Wynn and Mrs. Dozier lived on 2nd Street , too, just a couple houses from Cynthia. In fact, I suppose they all had a hand in teaching Bill and Glen. So, see, I remember a few things from grade school, too. I just never pulled pranks like Bill mentioned.


At January 20, 2009 at 3:44 PM , Blogger Bill Hinds said...

Mrs. French was my first grade teacher, Mrs. Wynn my 2nd, Mrs. Nichols my 3rd.

I played the "Call to Colors" every morning on my trombone during my 5th & 6th grade yrs. I would go down and stand on the stage in the auditorium and Mrs. Johnson would come to the door back in the rear and wave to me and say "OK Bill, play good and loud".


At January 22, 2009 at 9:25 PM , Blogger Glen Lazalier said...

Remembering what happened fifty or sixty years ago is easy. What is hard is to remember what I did with my glasses fifty minutes ago!

My first grade teacher was Lucille Lassiter, my second was Hilda Grae Wynn, my third was Vida NIcholas, my fourth was Katherine Stuart, my fifth was Ruby Owens, and my sixth was Nina Dosier. Other teachers included Richard Hobbs and Reba Nell Bethel previously mentioned. The list goes on through junior high and high school to include people such as Vera Owen, Rupert Mayfield, Dale Bettes, Jeanette Christian, Bob Terry, Doris Blassinggame, Luther Woolbright, Iris Freeman, WIllard Henson, Betty Ryburn, and, of course, Carl Twidwell and several others.

I was like John--i.e., I didn't give the teachers a hard time.


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