Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gregory, Council 'walk a hole' together

Talk about an inspiration, not only to the golfers of the world – Chuck are you reading this? -- but to everyone of us. D.J. Gregory was born with cerebral palsy, underdeveloped lungs and entangled legs and was told he would never be able to walk. D.J. is now 31 years old and with help of a cane, his life-long dream of walking and playing golf have become a reality.

A golf handicap is a mark that represents the potential ability of a player on a course of standard difficulty, as determined by the USGA. For instance, mine is … well, let’s just say out of site. D.J.’s is a 36, or the highest possible. Still, he has walked every hole on a course, and even some on PGA courses. To say that is a remarkable feat would be an understatement. He was even named the ABC News Person of the Week. Heavenerite John Council had the distinct pleasure of walking a hole with Gregory. Council met the young man at last year’s Bob Hope Chrysler Classic in La Quinta, CA (a PGA Tournament held each January) and, in Council’s words, was “privileged to walk a hole with him.” Council continued, “I read a story about him several years ago, I then saw on a report on the Golf Channel. I was watching the (Bob Hope) tournament when I spotted D.J. heading my way, coming down the ninth hole. As he approached, I took the opportunity to introduce myself and was aware of his quest (to walk every round of the PGA Tour). He is a very humble, yet inspiring person. I hope to see him again at a tournament in the future.”

Gregory (who holds a Master’s degree in sports management from Springfield College (Mass.), met golf announcer Jim Nance and told of his idea of going to every PGA event and writing about the tournaments, interacting with players and fans. Nance told PGA commissioner Tim Finchem about Gregory’s dream. One thing led to another and Gregory found himself walking every PGA Tour event this year. So far, the gutsy man has made his way through courses in Augusta, GA, Hawaii, Florida, New Orleans and others. He meets the golfers and gives background information and insights to those he covers.

He writes blogs much like I do, but probably gets paid a little more.


At May 28, 2009 at 6:46 AM , Blogger Chuck Hudlow said...

Yes, John, I read it. I'll stop complaining about my feet hurting after walking 18.


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