Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three L's

This is the 100th blog I’ve written, so I figured it would be the best time to tell you, since Cynthia and I got married, we have adopted the motto of the three L’s: Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. We’ve decided life’s too short to do anything else. Last Saturday, we decided with nothing to do for the day, that maybe we should run up to Lake Tawakonie and see if we could hook up the new RV. By that, I mean electric and water. We didn’t take food or our medicine (we are both diabetic), because we weren’t going to stay. It wasn’t real busy at the campground, so there were plenty of available spaces. Actually, we wanted to check out the new satellite system, so we pulled into a nice wide-open spot where there were no trees and we could point it to the southwest to get the best reception.

I think I may have mentioned in an earlier blog, we had it in dry storage (making a play on words, when it rained and stormed so badly during the week, I kidded Cynthia that it was nice we had it in storage so park Rangers make sure it’s covered for us and could stay nice and dry). The storage facility where we have it parked, although not covered, is only about 200 yards from the I-1 campsite (that’s appropriate, since we call it the I-bus). So, anyway, like I said, we were going to pull it into a campsite. All the hydraulic jacks have to be up when we move it, but one of the jacks only came up halfway. What to do now? Since the first campsite was just a couple 100 yards away, we thought we would go ahead and carefully move it anyway.

Oh, I forgot to mention when we got back into the car – we had stopped at the family center for something – to go to the RV storage facility, the car was acting sorta funny. The engine cranked, but wouldn’t keep running. Again and again, the engine kept dying. To make a long story short, we finally got it going, drove it to the campsite and Cynthia got out and walked back to the RV. Like I said, maybe a couple 100 yards.

She got in the RV, drove it to the campsite, got the electric plugged in and sure enough, the jack still wouldn’t go up. With no food, no medicine, and not being real sure if the car would start again, we thought we would have to spend the night, or the rest of the weekend. We got the car started again, however, and went to a nearby restaurant get something to eat and came back to the campsite. The heat was scorching, and I’m talking about INSIDE the RV. The temperature was 100 when we arrived and by the time we left the air conditioner had lowered it all the way down to 92! With the car seeming to run okay again, we decided to come back home. We left the RV at the campsite, unhooked the electric, left our key with the rangers and told them we would call an RV repair shop when we got back home. We did, but not until Monday morning.

The RV repair shop will go out, take care of the faulty jack, then we will go back to Tawakonie and put the RV back into dry storage. We plan to go back the first weekend in July for another test. In all the confusion, we still didn’t get to check the satellite, though.

We will know now, when we do start our first journey, at least the electric works. In spite all that, we’re still living, laughing and loving.


At June 17, 2009 at 8:50 AM , Blogger Chuck Hudlow said...

That's a good idea to check everything out before you take off on your long trip. Hopefully, the RV repairman will check out all of the hydraulic lifts when he comes to repair the one that wouldn't fully retract. I imagine that all of them worked for you when you were making the purchase.


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