Monday, June 1, 2009


Several people have influenced my life, but the ones that who have had the most include my dad and my wife Cynthia. Parents are supposed to have a great influence on your life, because they are the ones you grew up with from day one, learned everything from, the one(s) who you most want to be like, the one(s) you want to please the most, etc.

Nobody has been the single most important person in my life more than my dad. Floyd L. Inman. He didn’t have a middle name, but when he went into the Army, he was told everybody must have a middle name, so he came up Leonard so he would have a middle initial, at least. I miss him every single day. He was 81 when he passed away, way too young. He was going to be the best man in our wedding, and he passed away a mere month before Cynthia and I got married. I probably dealt more misery to him than I should have, for all the bad things I did along the way, but I have a feeling he would be proud of me and for me. I know he would have been proud of Cynthia. He lived every day as a Christian, particularly the last 35 years or so. Of that, I am sure. He taught me how important Christianity was and would become to me. He taught me how to save money. He taught me how to love my daughter and her children. Dad was a quiet man, but I’m convinced that’s because he was always thinking of what to do next.

The other person that has most influenced my life has been Cynthia, my wife. Funny how “life” and “wife’ sound almost alike. It’s probably more than a coincidence; God meant that for a reason. We’ve been married for a little over six and a half years, but it only seems like yesterday and I’m sorry it wasn’t any sooner. From her, I’ve re-learned the importance of Christianity and honesty and trying to do everything right. This isn’t much about her, but it’s not necessary. I’ve said things in a blog and I make sure every day to tell her how much I love her. Just three little words, but they say it all. ’Nuff said.

For that reason, I’m so happy I can have her all to myself starting next week, possibly, retired and finished with her job.


At June 1, 2009 at 3:53 PM , Blogger Bill Hinds said...

I hope your wife's retirement really happens for you as you are planning.

As for your behavior as a kid and giving your dad too much greif. Just remember that God gives us children for our education and edification. They will try the parents in ways the parent hasn't been tried and it is because of of the parents love for the child that he will learn how to deal with the most challenging cituations.

At June 1, 2009 at 8:52 PM , Blogger Glen Lazalier said...

It's hard to identify a "single most influential" individual in my life. There have been many--from parents to mentors to adversaries and uncounted others. However, on balance, the choice has to be my parents.

Your comment bout your Father's lack of a middle name reminded me of my uncle's similar plight in WWII. His papers all listed him as Ray N.M.I. Bissell. No, he didn't have three middle names--the letters stood for No Middle Initial.

At June 2, 2009 at 10:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, great story about your dad and Cynthia. I know you both are looking forward to Cynthia's retirement. It was good to see you both last week. Be sure to exercise as much as you can, so you will be ready for the retirement trips. Don't want you to get worn out too fast. I know it's too hot to go for walks in the summer, but might try it on mornings that aren't too hot. Also, walking at the mall would be good. Just don't stop at too many stores. - Jim Patterson


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