Friday, June 12, 2009

Better late than never

We have two different photos, one of Cynthia and I together on our facebook and the same one of just me on my blog, Cynthia cropped out. The one of us together on facebook represents a team. Often, we have thought how much we needed each other, were made for each other and make a good team. You know, she is good at putting the dirty dishes in the sink, knowing I will come along and put them in the dishwasher. She comes up with good ideas, knowing that I will implement them, she is rather disorganized and I am very organized. I am good at reminding her of things she needs to do or people she needs to call. She has said between us, we can usually think of everything, apart we can’t think to do anything. So, we make a good TEAM.

Our facebook photo is of both of us wearing Boomer Sooner Hawaiian shirts, a photo taken on a cruise in 2004. When a friend, Teri Holbrook , first saw it, she said, “Oooh, those OU shirts have to go …” Teri is a true Longhorn fan. Another friend, Kathy Bain Dunn, from Heavener, said recently, “I’m thinking of getting you guys some shirts with orange in them.” I thought she meant something about Longhorns, too, and in response, I said, “We’re strictly OU fans, anything with orange is out of the question.”

Well, turns out, she was making a reference to OSU, that the Cowboys have some orange in their uniforms, because she said, “OU is okay, it’s in my home state, but I went to Stillwater …” Silly me, I wasn’t even thinking of OSU. It sometime takes me a little while to pick up on something, especially after Cynthia tells me what someone is talking about. After all, I said we make a good team.


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