Friday, August 14, 2009

Did you hear...

Did you hear that Brooks and Dunn have run fresh out of ideas when it comes to new songs? Wonder if Ronnie Dunn is any kin to Kathy Bain Dunn? She proved she certainly hasn’t run out of ideas. Seriously, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn believe they have run the gamut in the last 20 years. They plan to release one last album and do one more tour in 2010, then shut it down. Gosh, I can’t imagine not being able to come up with new songs when you’re a professional singer. Before you know it, movie-makers will run be running out of ideas for new movies. Then won’t we be in a mess? What will everyone do for entertainment?

Personally, I like Brooks and Dunn and their singing talent. Not that I’m a big country music fan, but I like to listen in on the radio when I’m driving along. Don’t you? You would think I’d get tired of watching baseball games, and Cynthia probably wishes I would, too. Actually, she doesn’t mind me sitting down at the computer every time the Yankees are playing and they’re not on the big screen (TV). There more than likely isn’t a bigger fan of the Yankees, unless maybe it’s George Steinbrenner. But, in all fairness, he does have a vested interest. I don’t, not money-wise, but I did get permission from Cynthia to subscribe to MLB.TV. At least she knows where I am every night and doesn’t have to worry about me running the streets or even driving the streets trying to listen to Brooks and Dunn or doing something I shouldn’t be doing. Cynthia has become a baseball fan, in general, and although she doesn’t tune in when the Yankees are playing, she at least asks me how they’re doing and knows about whom I speak when I tell her that Jorge (pronounced Hor-hay, as in 'hip, hip, hooray' in the ESPN Sports Center commercial) Pasada just hit a home run or Melky Cabara just hit for the cycle. Yep, she even knows what the term means now, referring to getting a single-double-triple-home run in the same game. It really is an unusual feat.

My grandsons -- Karen’s sons -- stayed almost a full week with us recently and Brandon (10) asked me several questions about Mickey Mantle, because I’ve told him Mickey was my favorite player and that I was able to meet and talk to him on several occasions. Brandon ’s also seen the photo on my Yankee wall of Mickey and me shaking hands. Brandon has even drawn a picture, depicting me and Mickey standing beside each other. The drawing means almost as much to me as the picture itself. In fact, though I don’t have it framed, I have the drawing tucked under the picture on the wall, so they are both there.

And my second grandson, Garrett (5) doesn’t have much interest in baseball. He’s into drawing coloring and banging around on a toy piano. So he has some artistic blood in him. That’s okay, too. As long as he’s interested in something that can keep him busy and later in life could be financially profitable. They both love Cynthia and she loves both of them as if they were her own. So, I suppose I’ll keep her and my grandsons around just a bit longer. Oh, and the Yankees.


At August 15, 2009 at 12:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, To some of us oldtimers it seems the movie makers have ALREADY run out of ideas! lol



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