Sunday, February 14, 2010

Think my grandsons didn’t have fun!

The snow came and is already gone, but at least my grandsons got some enjoyment out of it, not too mention a day of missing school.

This was a first for Garrett, who’s only five-years-old. Brandon, 9, however, was a crusty old veteran. He had seen snow before, but had never built snowmen, nor had any snow ice cream. Karen, my daughter, made them snow ice cream, like good mothers are supposed to do. They live in Malakoff, TX, and according to some old-timers around the tiny little town, it’d been 111 years since it snowed. There’s no telling how old those old-timers were, huh? But my son-in-law Paul said he heard some of the old guys talking.

Brandon, Garrett, Paul and Karen all got a “snow day” and didn’t have to go to school last Friday. I think they were all glad, though, especially Brandon, who just a week or so ago, won first-place in an Academic Rodeo for elementary students. (just had to throw that in this blog, because we are very proud of him) His name was in the Tyler paper. We kept it for him, and when they came over yesterday, and we showed it to him, Garrett said, “Hey, why wasn’t my name in there?” Apparently, the competition factor still pushes these boys.

Oh, Garret, wasn’t as thrilled at missing a day of school. He has to miss a Valentine’s Day party. Drat!


At February 15, 2010 at 9:00 AM , Blogger Glen Lazalier said...

Snow is pretty--but---that is until it begins to melt. We had our fourth of the year last night. All of them have been small--2-4 inches--but the remnants of one have been hanging around until the next one falls. Oh well, only another month or so of winter.


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