Friday, July 23, 2010

Traveling with the Inman's, Part 4

SERENITY, TN – Actually, we’re not in Serenity, it only seems like it. We’re in a little place called Saulsbury, at a Thousand Trails campground. When last we spoke, er, blogged, we were in Memphis, but, alas, we had to put the I-bus in the shop for repairs. Wondering what we could do or where we could go, we decided to go to this Thousand Trails campground. Being members, it was in our directory, we had a bonus week coming, and it was only about 50 miles from Memphis. So, we went online and made reservations to stay in one of the cabins – another perk of being a card-carrying member. So, to make a long blog short, we decided to give it a try. We have stayed in cabins at Lake Texoma, as well as Lakes Conroe and Medina Lake in Texas.

What we discovered is probably Thousand Trails’ best-kept secret. On the website, it suggested to find it, don’t use a GPS. We followed the Thousand Trails’ map. It wasn’t easy to find, but once we got here, we were pleasantly surprised, in a serendipity sort of way. The campground, though neatly tucked away in the “backwoods,” is a beautiful and gorgeous place, surrounded with lots of trees, greenery, lots of campsites with cooking grills and a beautiful little lake behind the cabins. Boomer (in the picture) liked it¸ too. The staff here has been awfully nice, especially, Kelly Burke. She has made everything so accommodating, even came in and made up our beds upon our arrival and made sure we received a newspaper – the Memphis Commercial Appeal -- which as, uh, hum, VIP members are supposed to get. It’s located close enough to plenty of places, so we just took day trips from the campground. We’ve visited the Casey Jones Museum in Jackson, TN, the Battle of Shiloh site and Museum, Adamsville, TN, the home of the famous sheriff Buford Pusser, Elvis Presley’s Graceland and took a bus tour of Memphis.

Now, however, due to our RV being put into the shop for repairs, and the heat being so unbearable, we are leaving tomorrow and heading toward Jackson, MS, get on I-20 to Vicksburg, MS and Shreveport and eventually Tyler. Trying to go on to Nashville, Pigeon Forge and other places east appears to be too much for us to handle. I’ve called and informed my uncles and aunts of our plight. Upon our return home I’ll do another blog with pictures highlighting our trip and our visit with Larry Pennington. Until then …


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